Copy Cloud Studio Connections

Every 3 months SAP releases a new Cloud Application studio with new features. Tired of creating the entries every time you switch to a new SAP Cloud Application Studio version? Here is the solution for you. Prerequisites Install a new SAP Cloud Application studioLog in with one system. (This first-time process will create all sample registries in the editor) Registry Setting SourcRead More…

Change History

Do you desire to track who changed your document? You can use an embedded component to ensure that a change history is written for all changes made to your custom business object. After adding the embedded component to your business object, you can display the change history in the SAP cloud solution on the Changes tab of your work center. All changes such as add, create, and deletRead More…

Public Solution Model (PSM)

The SAP public solution model (PSM) contains all entities in the SAP cloud solution that are released for use by
external consumers. External consumers can be partners who develop solutions on top of the SAP cloud solution
such as add-ons and integration scenarios or administrators. For example, use SAP data sources to create new reports. The modular and homogenous architecture of the SAPRead More…

ByD in Mozilla Firefox

Are you facing a problem with chrome extension or internet explorer? No worries. Here is a solution to resolve this issue. Play with ByD using Firefox You can download the enterprise version from this link: This is a version will not get upgraded automatically and it still supports Silverlight. Why do we prefer Firefox for SAP BusRead More…

SAP Business ByD in Chrome

Can we use SAP Business ByDesign in Google Chrome?
Chrome has some glitches with Silverlight but you can still use it by installing a plug-in. And, yes IE Tab Extension is the way to go for now.  
STEP 1: Install Silverlight on your machine.
Download Link:
Step 2: Install IE Tab Extension.
What is IE Tab Extension?
Display web pages using IRead More…

Selected Document Type

In the previous article, we learned about How to attach a document in custom BO. Here, we are going to learn how to control document type in attachment folder. Process flow Open a screen in UI Designer which you added Embedded component.
For more information about the Attachment folder creation, visit CoRead More…

Attachment Folder in Custom BO

Attachment Folder
An object that is used to store attachments that are related to a business document. For example, a freight order or a forwarding order. You use Dependent Object to store attachments that are related to a business document. You can store the following attachment types: Files
You can upload any kind of files that contain binary content. Links
You can store links to exterRead More…


What is Mashup?
Mashups is an easiest way to integrate external systems in Cloud Solutions. Mashups are used to integrate data from SAP’s cloud solution with data provided by an online Web service or application. Users can access the content provided by these Web services and applications. For Example, Mashups can include Web searches, company or industry business information, or online map searcRead More…

Design an Object Work List

You can create a list pane that is always embedded in a work center view. The OWL contains business objects such as Sales Order or Employee. Here is a sample Sales Object Work List Floorplan. Procedure
Create an object work list (OWL) In the Solution Explorer, expand the solution to display the business object. Right-click on the business object and select Create Screens. InRead More…

SAP ByD – Generating Screens

In this unit, we’ll be looking at Generating Screens. When we talk about screens in SAP Business ByDesign, we basically call them Floorplans. Types of Floorplans Work Center Floorplan The work center floorplan is what you usually see at the top. Example: New Business, Sales Orders, Business Partner Data, It is the main areas of navigation. Work Center View (WoC) BelRead More…