ByD – HTML5 Interface

HTML5 is another way to open your SAP Business ByDesign in any browser. You can log in to your tenant of ByDesign and Cloud for Customer from the HTML5 version.
Overview HTML 5 has been developed in 16.08 release. Therefore, SAP added the concept of the Launch Pad. Launchpad Screen:    The advantage of the Launchpad: It is immediately actionable – even if the counters are nRead More…

Attachment Folder in Custom BO

Attachment Folder
An object that is used to store attachments that are related to a business document. For example, a freight order or a forwarding order. You use Dependent Object to store attachments that are related to a business document. You can store the following attachment types: Files
You can upload any kind of files that contain binary content. Links
You can store links to exterRead More…

SAP Business ByDesign SDK – Installation

  SAP Software development kit also called as SAP Cloud Application Studio. Today, we are able to find out where to download, what some of the prerequisites are, and install the cloud application studio. We’ll go ahead and figure out where we need to download SDK, some of the prerequisites to be able to download, and then we’ll have it installed and take a quick look at it. SAP ClRead More…