Create Flexible UI using UI Switch in SDK

1. Create an Extension business object Click here to know more about XBO creation. 2. Create UI Switch From Add New Item, Choose UI Switch and create it. 3. Enhance the screen for XBO 3.1 Select the section group where the field is located. The section group should have a stable anchor for the dynamic properties to support. 3.2 Go to Extensibility Explorer aRead More…

SAP Business ByD in Chrome

Can we use SAP Business ByDesign in Google Chrome?
Chrome has some glitches with Silverlight but you can still use it by installing a plug-in. And, yes IE Tab Extension is the way to go for now.  
STEP 1: Install Silverlight on your machine.
Download Link:
Step 2: Install IE Tab Extension.
What is IE Tab Extension?
Display web pages using IRead More…