SAP Business ByD in Chrome

Can we use SAP Business ByDesign in Google Chrome?
Chrome has some glitches with Silverlight but you can still use it by installing a plug-in. And, yes IE Tab Extension is the way to go for now.  
STEP 1: Install Silverlight on your machine.
Download Link:
Step 2: Install IE Tab Extension.
What is IE Tab Extension?
Display web pages using IRead More…

Design a Quick Activity Floorplan

Create a Quick Activity Floorplan (QAF) to display an overview of a business object. You can further view all the details of the business object in the associated object instance floorplan. Here is a sample Sales Order Quick Activity Floorplan Procedure
Create a Quick Activity Login into SDK. In the Solution Explorer, Right-click on the business object and select Create ScreRead More…

SAP ByD- Business Logic

Business logic is the part of the program that encodes the real-world business rules that determine how data can be created, displayed, stored, and changed. It is contrasted with the remainder of the software that might be concerned with lower-level details of managing a database or displaying the user interface, system infrastructure, or generally connecting various parts of the program. -EncycloRead More…

SAP ByD – Reuse Libraries

In this article we are going to discuss about Reuse Libraries.   What is Reuse Libraries? A Reuse Library is the container for reuse functions, whereas the reuse functions provide the code and specify the parameters. You can create and define your own reuse libraries and reuse functions to organize complex code in your solution or to reuse your code in script files. There are two typRead More…

SAP Business ByD – Help Content

Today, we will be discussing about help content, specifically where we can get help and what content is available. The different types of help content that are available in studio are Integrated and Local. Now what is integrated help? Integrated Help Content Installed automatically when you install the studio. Easy to access. Never requires updating. How to get Integrated HeRead More…