Bar Code Scanning in SAP ByD

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign, Cloud ERP system is built in with access of scanning the barcode in the warehouse confirmation task during inbound and outbound processes. This integrated barcode technology is widely used in the companies to reduce the costs, eliminate errors and efficiently streamline the business processes.

In SAP Business ByDesign, doing of warehouse task confirmation either Inbound / Outbound is much easier by just wave the scanner. This integrated technology in truly maximize the work efficiency. This eliminates the physical entry by effectively decreasing like livelihood of human errors. Using barcode, the system saves time and increases efficiency and accuracy.

Barcode Format

In SAP Business ByDesign, a specific format to be used for decoding

Format: 91P100001]C13009]C195EA

91 -> Product Identifier

P100001 -> Product ID

]C1 -> Delimiter

30 -> Quantity

09 -> Number of Quantity

]C1 -> Delimiter

95 -> Unit of Measure

EA -> Unit of Measure of the Product

Example, Barcode: (91)P100001(30)09(95)EA

How does access Barcode in SAP Business ByDesign?

  1. Login into SAP Business ByDesign
  2. Go to the Outbound Logistic -> Task Control Menusap byd bar code
  3. Choose your Inbound / Outbound Task control and click Confirm byd bar code
  4. You can see the Bar Code Input tab as shown in the above screenshot (Figure 2: Example of barcode format).
  5. Keep the cursor on the Bar Code Textbox. It will automatically read the input from the barcode scanner and display the respective product details at the line item level.

Third Party Integration

Is it easy to integrate Third party software with SAP Business ByDesign Task control part? Because they are already using third party software for the scanning purpose.

Yes, it is possible. We can easily send a Task control instant from outside of Business ByDesign using SOAP service.

SOAP Webservice Name: ManageSiteLogisticsTaskIn

Below you see the MaterialOutput section of the respective SOAP web service request. Normally we are using <ProductID> and <ActualQuantity unitCode> tag for warehouse confirmation. As an alternative, we are going to use the <AutomaticIdentification> tag with the <BarCodeText>.

sap byd bar code

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