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In the previous article, we learned about How to attach a document in custom BO.

Here, we are going to learn how to control document type in attachment folder.


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Process flow

  1. Open a screen in UI Designer which you added Embedded component.
    For more information about the Attachment folder creation, visit
  2. Configure as shown in below screenshot.
    • Choose your embedded component.
    • Click three dots next to the AddableType from properties.
    • The AddableTyps Collection Editor dialogue box will open.


In the dialogue box,

a. Click Add Button

b.Enter your custom name for the document type

c.Enter the Typecode.


You can find your type code in the Repository Explorer as shown in the below screenshot.


Some Important type codes are,

Type Code Description
10001 Standard Attachment
10013 Image
10006 Certificate
10021 Job Description

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Choose type code as Static Method

Enter the Type code into constant value the constant value text field as shown in the screenshot.

Ex: 10013 for Image


Choose type code as Dynamic Method

Choose the dynamic field form data model in TextPool-Reference as shown in the screenshot.



Finally, your window will look like, (Example, Static Type, Image 10013)



  1. Navigate to your screen, where the embedded component has been added.
  2. Click Add button. Add File dialogue box will open.
  3. In Document Type, Choose your document.


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Display selected Documents in Front End

  1. Go back to the UI Designer, Choose Display Type from Property window.
  2. Enter the Typecode, which you need to display on front end.


We have seen about how to control document type in attachment folder, and in the future article, we will learn more about it. Don’t forget to subscribe my blog and leave your comments to improve this article.

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