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display quick activity floorplan sapby


Create a Quick Activity Floorplan (QAF) to display an overview of a business object. You can further view all the details of the business object in the associated object instance floorplan.

Here is a sample Sales Order Quick Activity Floorplan
QA Sales Order quick activity floorplan sapby


Create a Quick Activity
  1. Login into SDK.
  2. In the Solution Explorer, Right-click on the business object and select Create Screens. In the Create New Screen dialog box, do the following:
    1. In the Screen Name field, enter a name for the Quick Activity Screen. For example, EmployeeData.
    2. Under Screen Type, Quick Activity floorplan (QAF).
    3. Click OK.QA Create Screen quick activity floorplan sapby

    The quick activity is created and displayed in the Solution Explorer under the business object.

    QA Display quick activity floorplan sapby

  3. Double-click the new QAF.
  4. The QAF opens in the user interface designer. It has the following attributes:
    1. An identification region with the title of the quick activity
    2. A contextual navigation region with default buttons such as Close, Save and Close, and View AllQA Screen Designer Overview quick activity floorplan sapby
    3. An event handler with the operation type WindowAction named Close associated with the Close buttonQA Controller Event Handlar quick activity floorplan sapby


Edit the Quick Activity
  1. Enter a title for the quick activity in the Properties Explorer, under Misc – FloorplanTitle.factsheetdesig2 quick activity floorplan sapby
  2. Configure the View All button to navigate to the corresponding object instance floorplan to view the details of the object. Later unit, we will learn about navigation.
  3. If required, add additional buttons and assign an event handler to the OnClick event.
  4. Drag the required controls from the Toolbox to the quick activity.design1 quick activity floorplan sapby
  5. In the Data Model tab, bind each of the data model elements to a business object element.QA DataModel quick activity floorplan sapby
  6. Create an OBN inport to receive the navigation key from the source floorplan, in order to retrieve data from the target floorplan:
    1. In the Controller tab, right-click on Inports and choose Add Inport.
    2. Check OBN Inport.
    3. Select an operation, PortType Package and a PortType Reference as OpenByKey.
    4. Add the parameter Key List and Key and bind the parameter to NoteID field that acts as a placeholder for the key.QA OBN Creation quick activity floorplan sapby
    5. Create an event handler as follows:
      1. In the Operation Type field, select BOOperation.
      2. In the BO Operation Type select Read.
      3. In the Navigation Type select Key Navigation.
      4. Bind the NoteID value.QA Evenet Handler quick activity floorplan sapby
    6. In the Properties Explorer for the newly created inport, under Events — OnFire, select the even handler you have created.QA Onfire quick activity floorplan sapby
  7. Save and activate your changes.Save & Close

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