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Overview design fact sheet

If you create an Employee fact sheet, employees can view their data but cannot change any information.

A fact sheet is used to display a read-only overview of an object. It displays the object properties, different views and can contain links for navigating to related objects.

For example, An Employee Overview fact sheet can have the sections Contract Data, Personal Data, Organization Data and so on. If you want to allow users to edit the screen, you must create a quick activity floorplan or an object instance floorplan.

Here is a sample employee fact sheetdesign fact sheet


Create a Fact Sheet
  1. Login into SDK.
  2. In the Solution Explorer, Right-click on the business object and select Create Screens. In the Create New Screen dialog box, do the following:
    1. In the Screen Name field, enter a name for the fact sheet. For example, EmployeeOverview
    2. Under Screen Type, select Fact Sheet (FS).
    3. Click OK.createscreen design fact sheet

The Employee Overview fact sheet is created and displayed in the Solution Explorer under the EmployeeData business object.

display design fact sheet

Add the required UI elements and change field names
  1. Double-click the fact sheet that you created. The fact sheet opens in the user interface designer with the default UI elements.
  2. Select the identification region.
  3. Enter a title for the fact sheet in the Properties, under Misc – FloorplanTitlewindow title design fact sheet
  4. Drag the required controls from the Toolbox to the fact sheet. For example, you can add the fields required for General information, Contract Data, Personal Data, Organization Data and so on.design1 design fact sheet
  5. Do the following for each of the required static text fields that are available in the Employee Overview fact sheet.
      1. Select the static text field.
      2. In the Properties Explorer, under Data Information – Text, click the arrow button.
      3. In the Dependent Property Editor, select the required element and click OK.
      4. If you do not want to use the associated back end text for a static text field, enter a name for the field in the Properties Explorer, under Text Information – Field Group Header.factsheetdesig design fact sheet
  6. Save and activate your changes.

Model Elements

 In the future article, we will clearly learn about Bind Data Elements to Business Object Elements, Event Handler, Configure an Object Value Selector and so on. Don’t forget to subscribe here to learn all these features.