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SAP Cloud Application Installation


SAP Software development kit also called as SAP Cloud Application Studio. Today, we are able to find out where to download, what some of the prerequisites are, and install the cloud application studio.

We’ll go ahead and figure out where we need to download SDK, some of the prerequisites to be able to download, and then we’ll have it installed and take a quick look at it.

SAP Cloud Applications Studio Versioning:

  1. The studio is version-dependent. That means that if you are running SAP Business ByDesign release 1602, you should also be using release 1602 of the SAP Cloud Applications Studio to do your development.
  2. The studio itself is not forward or backward compatible. You always have to use the right studio built for the right release.
The studio version must match the release version of SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) that you are using to build your solution.

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Commercial Download Prerequisites:

  1.  You have to have an authorized S-User to download the SAP Cloud Application Studio from the SAP Service Market. All S-User don’t have permission to download software from SAP Service Market.
How do you become authorized s-user?

You need to sign the correct contract, and then pay your associated fees, and then your S-User will become authorized.

You can manage your authorization by using Manage My Partnership Application.

  1. Enter into,
  2. Go to Partner Login -> My Partnership -> Manage My Partnership Application.
  3. There, you can manage your authorizations and also you can download the studio.

Technical download prerequisites:

You are using one of the following operating systems:
  1.  Microsoft Windows XP operating system
  2. Microsoft Windows Vista
  3. Microsoft Windows 7 operating system
  4. Microsoft Windows 8 operating system
  5. Microsoft Windows 10 operating system
You have installed the following:

1. Relevant version of Microsoft .NET Framework
2. Relevant version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Isolated)
3. Relevant version of Microsoft Silverlight

Why Cloud Application Studio only available for Windows?

Because we use Microsoft Visual Studio way of doing development with the SAP Cloud Applications Studio. Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the Microsoft product. It can only be installed in Windows operating system. So that Cloud Application Studio technically not available on a Macinstosh, or a Linux, or Unix. So you’ll need Microsoft Windows Operating System to be able to install the studio itself.

How to download SAP Cloud Application from SAP Service Market?

    1. Logon to with authorized s-user
    2. Click download software icon
    3. Click SAP Support Portal from content area
    4. click ‘search for software‘ on your right hand side or click Download Manager link from left hand sidesap service marketplace


  1. It will display all the result; there you can download latest version and install it.SAP Cloud Application Installation


If you try download software from SAP Service Market without Authorized S-User, You will get below error.SAP Cloud Application stdio

First look of the SDK:

  1. Enter into Installed SAP cloud application studio
  2. Now login prompt will ask, your credential for developmentSAP Cloud Application Installation
  3. Before entering your credential, you should Configure it. Click the pencil icon which is in login
    prompt box. Otherwise go Administration menu -> ‘Options and setting’ -> Connectivity
  4. Now ‘Options’ Prompt will popup. Here you can maintain more than one tenant detailsSAP Cloud Application Installation
  5. Enter the host name (don’t include https://) and Name for identification, and then click save and ok. Don’t forget to click Save. Because your tenant only shows in login prompt box if you click save button.
  6. In login prompt choose your host name, enter your user name and password then hit the OK button. Now you can enter into the Development area.

How to check Updates:

  1.  SAP usually publishes new studio builds every two weeks on the SAP Service Marketplace.
  2.  You can check the build date of your installation while in the studio by looking under Help -> About SAP Cloud Applications Studio.SAP Cloud Application Installation
  3. There are three ways to update your SAP Cloud Application Studio:

    3.1 Download the newest version from the SAP Service Marketplace
    3.2 Use the Check for Updates function in the Help menu of the studio (Help -> check for updates)

    SAP Cloud Application Installation

    3.3 Enable automatic checking for updates in SDK:

    3.3.1  Go to the Administration menu -> ‘Options and Settings’ -> Updates,
    3.3.2 There’s an option where you can see: “Check for updates”,
    3.3.3  There you can manage the frequent updates.

    update frequent periods

In the Article, we’ll actually take a look at the studio and some of the different key parts of it. Don’t forget to subscribe and share your comments to improve our upcoming posts.