Mass Upload Depreciation Postings to Fixed Asset Accounting

This blog helps to mass upload depreciation postings to fixed asset accounting, which enables us to calculate depreciation amounts outside of SAP Business ByDesign. The SAP provides the pre-delivered Microsoft Excel© template to perform this operation. Create the XML File Download the template to your local machine.In the spreadsheet, specify the mandatory data for each fixed asset. Template_Fixed_Asset_Accounting_Mass_UploadDownload Create a File Input Run In the Application and User MRead More…

Copy Cloud Studio Connections

Every 3 months SAP releases a new Cloud Application studio with new features. Tired of creating the entries every time you switch to a new SAP Cloud Application Studio version? Here is the solution for you. Prerequisites Install a new SAP Cloud Application studioLog in with one system. (This first-time process will create all sample registries in the editor) Registry Setting Source Version Click Win+R and Search by regedit  Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> SAP -> SRead More…

Bar Code Scanning in SAP ByD

SAP Business ByDesign, Cloud ERP system is built-in with access to scanning the barcode in the warehouse confirmation task during inbound and outbound processes. This integrated barcode technology is widely used in companies to reduce costs, eliminate errors and efficiently streamline the business processes. In SAP Business ByDesign, doing of warehouse task confirmation either Inbound / Outbound has been much easier by just waving the scanner. This integrated technology in truly maximizes work efficiency. Read More…

Change History (Reuse Library)

In the previous article, we learned, how to embed a change log in the custom business object. Here we are going to learn, how to capture the same in the ABSL scripting. Change History is a SAP reuse library, which contains a function that you can use to retrieve data from a supplied Business Object and its nodes that were changed during the given period based on the Platform Change Document service.
Should have a knowledge on Change History (Business Object). For more information about the chaRead More…

Change History

Do you desire to track who changed your document? You can use an embedded component to ensure that a change history is written for all changes made to your custom business object. After adding the embedded component to your business object, you can display the change history in the SAP cloud solution on the Changes tab of your work center. All changes such as add, create, and delete is displayed in a list. Prerequisites
1. You have created users with the Developer and Business User rolesRead More…

Mass Printing

The existing scenario is, each document should print separately. But this article helps to save your time and print multiple documents at the same time. I would like to document it here and let you know the same so that it will stay as a reference for everyone. Tenant: SAP Business ByDesign. Scenario: Implement Mass Print for Customer Invoice consequently.
Process Flow Prerequisites Create Standard Business Object, Screen & Script file Configure SAP Business ByDesign Scripting Add standard buRead More…

Public Solution Model (PSM)

The SAP public solution model (PSM) contains all entities in the SAP cloud solution that are released for use by
external consumers. External consumers can be partners who develop solutions on top of the SAP cloud solution
such as add-ons and integration scenarios or administrators. For example, use SAP data sources to create new reports. The modular and homogenous architecture of the SAP cloud solution allows SAP to offer external consumers a highly flexible means of developing additional functioRead More…

ByD in Mozilla Firefox

Are you facing a problem with chrome extension or internet explorer? No worries. Here is a solution to resolve this issue. Play with ByD using Firefox You can download the enterprise version from this link: This is a version will not get upgraded automatically and it still supports Silverlight. Why do we prefer Firefox for SAP Business ByDesign? Mozilla Firefox is the world’s third most widely used web browser, it is considered as the fastRead More…

ByD – HTML5 Interface

HTML5 is another way to open your SAP Business ByDesign in any browser. You can log in to your tenant of ByDesign and Cloud for Customer from the HTML5 version.
Overview HTML 5 has been developed in 16.08 release. Therefore, SAP added the concept of the Launch Pad. Launchpad Screen:    The advantage of the Launchpad: It is immediately actionable – even if the counters are not yet loaded, you can click on the tiles and start an action. This reflects our commitment to NOT change the underlRead More…

SAP Business ByD in Chrome

Can we use SAP Business ByDesign in Google Chrome?
Chrome has some glitches with Silverlight but you can still use it by installing a plug-in. And, yes IE Tab Extension is the way to go for now.  
STEP 1: Install Silverlight on your machine.
Download Link:
Step 2: Install IE Tab Extension.
What is IE Tab Extension?
Display web pages using Internet Explorer within Chrome. Supports ActiveX controls, Sharepoint, ICBC, Alipay. A “Top 10” extension since 2009Read More…